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Middle East - Tracing the Syrian blackout

renesys :: Initial data from Google's transparency report suggest that total traffic was down on Friday this week, even compared to a normally quiet Friday. But looking at the broader picture, a couple things are clear. First, there was no repeat of last week's event, in which two-thirds of all Syrian networks became flatly unreachable from around the world, an Egyptian-style disconnection at a very fundamental level. This week, while traffic levels were reduced (perhaps throttled or rate-limited, as in Iran), the routes themselves remained intact.

If you wanted to reach a Syrian website today, or if a Syrian browser wanted to reach a European website, the paths were known and the lines were open.

renesys had published details of the Internet shutdown in Syria a week ago. At that time approximately two-thirds of all Syrian networks became unreachable from the global Internet. Over the course of roughly half an hour, the routes to 40 of 59 networks were withdrawn from the global routing table. (See screen below, includes link to the original post.)


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