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Advertiser count - Condé Nast and Adobe try to get a handle on digital mag metrics

paidContent :: While it may be exciting for advertisers to try out out an interactive ad in a digital magazine, at the end of the day, they just care about the numbers. With that in mind, Condé Nast and its digital magazine partner Adobe offered a unspecified group of “key advertisers” a look at some new metrics designed by the software company’s analytics unit, Omniture, that promises to show levels of distribution, audience exposure and engagement. The announcement comes as magazine publishers have been struggling with how far to go in terms of developing digital issues of their magazines.

More metrics mentioned and explained in David Kaplan's article are: total digital circ, total issue readers, total ad readers, total number of exposures per ad, average number of times reader views a specific issue, average time spent with tablet issue.

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