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Hipsters with Rabbit Ears? Boxee to Deliver Broadcast TV in HD via USB Dongle

In January, owners of the Boxee Box can expand their viewing to include local HD broadcast channels with the purchase of a $49 dollar USB dongle which connects to the Box.  The dongle is called Boxee Live TV.

It is a TV receiver for HD broadcast channels.  The reception depends on the strength of the broadcast signal - but comes with a portable antenna an can connect to a coax cable.  Who knows, we might see hipsters using old fashion "rabbit ears" antennas to pull in a clear signal.

In this segment, Boxee co-founder and CEO Avner Ronen talks about the launch of the new product and the opportunity for cord cutters to soon access a majority of television's most popular programming.

He is interrviewed by Ross Rubin, analyst with the NPD Group.

This interview was part of a two-hour Beet.TV program streamed last week from the Livestream studios on Manhattan.

Andy Plesser


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