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Akamai Buys Key Rival Cotendo

Internet services giant Akamai closed out 2011 with the purchase of mobile network acceleration software maker Cotendo in a deal that analysts say gives the company a greater berth in cloud computing.

We caught up with Akamai's Industry Marketing Manager Andrew Grant in New York about the company's efforts on behalf of media clients. CNET's Maggie Reardon, senior writer, interviewed him for Beet.TV

He spoke about the work Akamai is doing in the security protection area. Akamai looks at security from the perspective of protecting the brand, the network and the consumer data and transactions, Grant said. Security needs  have increased with the proliferation of TV Everywhere services that require additional layers of protection.

But the core of Akamai's business is delivering huge amounts of traffic across the Web efficiently. Akamai has 100K servers worldwide in nearly every major telco or system operator, Grant said.

This segment was taped at a two-hour session at the Manhattan offices of Livestream.

Daisy Whitney


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