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Instagram shares on Twitter increased more than 12 times

Distimo :: First, let’s take a look at how it all started. Instagram launched about a year and a half ago, on October 6, 2010. We have estimated the number of downloads for Instagram for every day since launch in the US. During its launch month, October 2010, Instagram generated under 10,000 downloads per day in the US.

However, this quickly increased. Instagram generated well over 100,000 downloads per day in the Apple App Store in just the US over the course of several days in April 2012. The graph below illustrates the growth in total downloads per month in the US. In cooperation with data from Skylines, a real-time photo search engine, we are also able to illustrate the increase in daily posts on Twitter through Instagram. The cumulative downloads and the total monthly Instagram posts on Twitter in May 2011 are set to an index of 100. In this way, we can easily compare the increase in daily downloads with the increase in posts on Twitter via Instagram.

Instagram-shares-jpgThe cumulative downloads of Instagram are about seven times higher in March 2012 than they were in May 2011. Looking at the increase in Instagram shares on Twitter, this increased more than 12 times. This shows how successful the network of Instagram is: while the growth in daily downloads is impressive, the number of shares are increasing even more. In other words, the average number of shares per user are increasing.

Source: Distimo publication, April 2012: "The Rise of Instagram and the Significance of the First Billion Dollar App Acquisition" by Hendrik Koekkoek

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