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Who should see what when? Three principles for personalized news

Why is "relevance" or "personalization" so of much of importance? Why not "surprise", "news I didn't think of"?

Niemanlab :: I really don’t know how a news editor should choose what stories to put in front of people, because I don’t think it’s possible to cram the entire world into headlines. The publisher of a major international newspaper once told me that he delivers “the five or six things I absolutely have to know this morning.” But there was always a fundamental problem with that idea, which the Internet has made starkly obvious: There is far more that matters than any one of us can follow. In most cases, the limiting factor in journalism is not what was reported but the attention we can pay to it.

A report by Jonathan Stray, www.niemanlab.org

Another thought ...

How to personalize news? Abandon the idea everyone should see the same stories nie.mn/Q338mW

— Nieman Lab (@NiemanLab) July 25, 2012

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