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Free open source textbooks growing in popularity in college classes

Time :: Though paying for tuition and housing eat up more money, textbook costs are among the most groan-inducing expenses incurred by college students. With tools like Amazon and chegg.com, only the least resourceful of freshmen are blowing $200 for a brand new textbook these days.

[Victor Luckerson:] ... a new type of textbook is threatening to disrupt a $4.5 billion industry that has so far avoided the media upheavals experienced in music, movies and trade publications. Open-source textbooks.

A report by Victor Luckerson, business.time.com

Victor Luckerson on Twitter

HT: Kathy E Gill, here:

Open source academic publishing goes mainstream w/@time feature on textbooks. tip @zaibatsu #higherEd business.time.com/2012/08/10/fre…

— Kathy E Gill (@kegill) August 10, 2012

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