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How many journalists are needed to cover this story?

News organisations are still wasting a lot of money for no reason.

Huffington Post :: I challenge every journalist in Tampa for the Republican convention -- every one of the 15-16,000 of you -- to answer this: Why are you there? What will we learn from you? What actual reporting can you possibly do that delivers anything of value more than the infomercial -- light on the info, heavy on the 'mercial -- that the conventions have become? Would you be better off back at home covering voters and their issues? Can we in the strapped news business afford this luxury?

[Jeff Jarvis:] You're living off the last dollars of your business. And for what? Tradition? Where has that gotten us?

An opinion piece by Jeff Jarvis, www.huffingtonpost.com

And Jay Rosen:

Well, there were 240 news organizations and 1500 journalists in Chile for the miners' rescue. No one had any idea why that many were needed.

— Jay Rosen(@jayrosen_nyu) August 26, 2012

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