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A "Joel Test" for Coders in the Newsroom?

A while back, someone, somewhere (probably on twitter) pointed me to the Joel Test for software shops.

After reading it a few times, I got to thinking we could really use something like this for newsrooms who have or need programmers. But what to include? Here's a few initial thoughts:

  1. Do you use version control?
  2. Do coders come into regular contact with reporters and editors?
  3. Can reporters and editors easily and accurately describe what coders do?
  4. Do you have a development environment and access to servers?
  5. Do coders have the software, hardware and admin access necessary to build things?
  6. Do you test? (unit tests? benchmarks? usability?)
  7. Do you debrief?

What else would you add?

(A lot of this comes from Brian Boyer's excellent list of best practices, which you should also read)

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