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Be our boss! A big opening at the Nieman Foundation

The Nieman Journalism Lab is a part of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard. (The basement part, to be specific.) Harvard doesn’t have a traditional journalism school, so the Nieman Foundation has for 72 years been the primary home for those of us at the university who work with and care about the news.

When the original gift for the foundation was given in 1937, one of the ideas tossed around was that the foundation might be a repository for a microfiche archive of great journalism. With that library science idea in mind, it was decided that the head of the foundation would be called its curator. The idea didn’t stick, but the title did.

Our curator since 2000, Bob Giles, announced his retirement last month, and the search is on for his replacement. So unlike my previous job postings — all of which involved working for me — this one’s a chance to be my boss.

Below is the job posting Harvard’s put together. I’m happy to chat with any potential applicants who have questions about the foundation, but actual inquiries should go to the email address in the posting.

Harvard University invites applications and nominations for the position of Curator of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism. The University seeks a visionary leader with significant journalistic accomplishment and a demonstrated passion for the field.

The next Nieman curator will begin his or her tenure at a time when the field of journalism is facing multiple challenges. This presents a unique opportunity for the next curator to shape an innovative future for a strong and respected institution whose mission is “to promote and elevate the standards of journalism and educate individuals deemed specially qualified for journalism.”

The curator should be capable of marshaling the resources and exercising the convening authority of the Nieman Foundation and Harvard to bring together representatives from all areas of journalism to maintain a national and global discourse on mutual concerns and opportunities. Applicants should be knowledgeable of the emerging media landscape and its effect on journalistic models and practices.

Applicants must possess a deep understanding of the principles of journalism and be able to articulate their views to a worldwide audience. The curator will serve as mentor to the Nieman Fellows while actively shaping the Foundation’s programs. He or she should lead engagement with faculty, students, and staff at Harvard, integrating the Foundation and its Fellows fully into the intellectual life of the University. The curator must possess proven administrative and management capabilities. Experience with or knowledge of academic institutions is not required but would be helpful.

Applications as well as nominations may be directed to the search committee at Nieman_Search@harvard.edu.

Harvard University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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