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January 03 2010



Amazon and Google are great companies.

But Apple is a more innovative one.

In today’s Observer, John Naughton writes, again, a great column with some strong remarks:

First, forget about Kindle.

“While the Kindle is probably the best of the current eReader breed, it is actually a rather clunky and primitive device.”

Yes, it’s is a bluff.

Second, forget about Google gadgets:

“Google devices (like the Android phone) are excellent in their way, but seem haphazard and unfinished in comparison with the slickly-unified and predictable Apple device.”

Yes, Sir.

Third, stay with Apple:

“If Apple does produce an iPad/iSlate, things will suddenly become very interesting. At present, devices such as the Kindle are like the Daimler “horseless carriage” of 1886: the only difference is that the nag has been replaced by the engine. For electronic reading to become more than a way of carrying lots of texts around, eReaders have to become devices that add significant value to the reading experience. The only company that stands a chance of bringing that off is Apple.”

Wait and see the Apple iPad/Slate/Tablet/Guide!

(Picture by Bill Thompson)

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