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May 31 2013


Canada’s Rogers Media Expands Digital Video Offering

BOSTON – Using video content to supplement material of traditionally non-digital media, such as magazines, is increasing viewership, says Rob Adams, executive producer of multi-platform video for Canada-based Rogers Media.

“There’s so many opportunities right now for traditional, non-television brands in the world of media to use video and to put it into their offerings,” Adams says.

Beet.TV interviewed Adams last week at the Brightcove global customer conference earlier this month.


May 24 2013


Bollywood Streaming Worldwide via “Spuul”

BOSTON – Spuul, a Singpore-based Netflix-like movie streaming service, is aiming to build the largest legal platform for Indian film and television content, says Michael Smith, Jr., chief product officer for Spuul.

Spuul targets two audiences – people who live in India and people outside of India who love Bollywood, particularly those who have emigrated from India. Spuul’s library consists of around 900 movies and 200 to 300 TV show episodes.

While there are other Indian content sites, Smith says no one was working to provide a service like this worldwide.

Beet.TV spoke with Smith earlier this month at the Brightcove global customer conference in Boston.

Read more about Spuul and its 2012 launch in Pando Daily.

May 23 2013


Health Care Act to Drive Video Creation Around New Choices and Regulations

BOSTON – Sutter Health, a giant not-for-profit, Northern California-based network of doctors and hospitals, is using video  to communicate with the members and prospects about a range of health related topics from coverage to medical care and wellness.   With the Affordable  Care Act becoming law next year, Sutter and other healthcare providers are upping the amount of video to educate the newly insured and to help others navigate the new regulations.

“When somebody goes to choose their provider, they can watch a minute, minute and a half video, hear the voice, see the face, get an idea of what the bedside manner of that physician might be in the hopes that that motivates them, brings them closer to their care provider, know that they really have a partner in their healthcare,” Hudson says.

The result is a much more emotional connection between community members and health professionals, he says. The majority of the content is in the form of  two- to three-minute videos, constituting a library of around 2,500 videos.

Beet.TV spoke with Hudson earlier this month at the Brightcove global customer conference in Boston.

May 21 2013


Careerbuilder.com Uses Video to Unite Job Seekers and Companies

Careerbuilder.com uses video content as a tool to unite job seekers with hiring companies. Having recently begun offering video content on their mobile platform, the Chicago-based site has almost doubled their video views, says Patrick Moye, director of design, video and branding for Careerbuilder.com

Careerbuilder.com, the largest online employment website in the United States, produces videos for their clients and recommends that companies focus on telling stories about the types of positions for which they wish to hire.

“Every company out there has a unique story to tell. Every company’s different. Everybody’s got something special.” Moye says. “And that doesn’t always come across in just a job posting or just content on a website. And so what video allows you to do is really articulate that story and tell a much more compelling message to those job seekers so that the right types of people end up applying for those clients.”

Currently, about 3,000 different companies are using video on Careerbuilder.com.

We interviewed Moye last week at the Brightcove global customer conference in Boston.



Wellness Video Producer Finds Bliss with Paid Model

BOSTON –  Gaiam TV,  an online video wellness producer , has is finding success using a paid subscription model. Subscribers are paying  due to the variety of highly-produced, long-form content available, says Michal Lebowitsch, product manager at Gaiam TV. After a 10-day free trial, Lebowitsch says most users convert to the subscription service.

Gaiam TV offers unlimited streaming of high-quality fitness, yoga and wellness videos on multiple devices for a monthly subscription fee. The site boasts over 5,000 exclusive titles and has also expanded into conscious media, producing videos on spiritual growth and featuring spiritual teachers such as Deepak Chopra.

We interviewed Lebowitsch last week at the Brightcove global customer conference in Boston.




Cars.com Planning Live Streaming with New Brightcove Solution

BOSTON – With the launch of Brightcove Video Cloud Live, Chicago-based automotive classified site Cars.com is looking to bring live video feeds to the forefront of their site in the next year, says Eric Rossi, senior producer of multimedia for Cars.com.

Currently, Cars.com produces around three to seven videos each week and amps up production during auto show seasons to 10 to 15 videos each day, creating a library of over 1,400 videos – around 800 of which are produced by Cars.com; the rest are contributed by partner organizations.

Cars.com syndicates their videos to over 120 different partners, including the websites of USA Today and The Boston Globe.

“Engagement really is our main focus. So we want to make sure the videos we are providing are hitting exactly what our audience wants,” Rossi says. “Brightcove’s analytic tools have been great for that.”

We interviewed him last week at the Brightcove global customer conference in Boston.


May 15 2013


Brightcove’s Allaire: The Big Impact of New W3C DRM Standards for Premium Publishers

BOSTON – Thanks to the newly issued standards on DRM for HTM5 video, issued by the W3C on Friday, the digital video industry is finally headed to an industry standard that will lower costs for producers of premium video producers who have been reliant on proprietary solutions from Adobe, Microsoft, Google and others, says Jeremy Allaire, founder and executive chairman of Brightcove, in this wide-ranging interview with Beet.TV

In this interview, he speaks about the nine-year journey of Brightcove, the company’s solutions for video on the Android platform and the growth of  connected TV’s and related apps.

We spoke with him at the BrightcovePLAY annual conference.



May 14 2013


Brightcove Announces Live Streaming Platform

BOSTON – Brightcove, the big video services company, announced today a full-blown, live streaming platform.  The company allows the live file to be uploaded to the cloud and and then encoded into as many as 20 live renditions, says founder and executive chairman Jeremy Allaire in this interview with Beet.TV

We spoke with him at BrightcovePLAY, the company’s annual customer conference taking place in Boston.  He says the new service will be available to Brightcove customers but will also be available as a one-off engagement to others.

Disclosure:  Our coverage of the Brightcove event is sponsored by the company.

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