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May 09 2013


Taco Bell Produces Fan-Made ‘Rockumentary’

In conjunction with its Feed the Beat program, Taco Bell is producing a fan-made rockumentary from this year’s South by Southwest music festival, focusing on bands Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat! Beet.TV spoke with Amy Kavanaugh, vice president of public affairs and engagement at Taco Bell, about this novel way of reaching consumers.

“What we know about our consumers is that they love music. And as a result, in working with these bands and the love of music that we have, we’re using our brand assets to create an opportunity to bring music discovery to our consumers and our customers as well as give these an opportunity and exposure to a whole new audience.”

Beet.TV spoke with Kavanaugh in this video interview at the Digitas NewFront 2013 in New York. The rockumentary is set to premiere in summer 2013.


Razorfish’s Lord: Consumer-TV Interaction on the Rise

The growth of consumer-TV program interaction via platforms like Twitter reenforces consumers’ demand for “two-way communication,” and advertisers are finally starting to embrace it, says Bob Lord, global CEO of Razorfish, a digital marketing industry.

Content and technology are coming together at the 2013 NewFronts in interesting ways, says Lord.

“You’re starting to see a lot of user-generated content come into play and a lot of programs that not only have you watching a program and content and consuming it but actually interacting with it,” he says.

Lord’s new book Converge, co-authored with Razorfish CTO Ray Velez, was released last month. Read the Financial Times review here.


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