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April 16 2013


Adobe Launches Collaborative Editing Solution at NAB

LAS VEGAS  —  At NAB last week,  Adobe presented its collaborative editing solution called Adobe Anywhere.  At the show, we  interviewed Adobe Anywhere Senior Product Manager Michael Coleman about the product.

Coleman explained, “Anywhere is going to allow professionals that are working with Premiere Pro and Prelude to collaborate on media over the network.”  Groups of people can work on centrally-located shared productions from anywhere in the world. “It’s a really big shift in the way people work.”

Adobe Anywhere doesn’t use proxy files, says Coleman.  “We work directly with high resolution media, and we have a new technology called the Adobe Mercury streaming engine that will send the high res media all the way across the network to the editor who’s working right in Premiere Pro and Prelude.  It’s a great way to work and it’s a huge advance in productivity.”

Coleman explains more about the product and target user, as well as gives a short demo of Adobe Anywhere, in the video interview.

Megan O’Neill

April 15 2013


Akamai Touts Deep Video Analytics, Cloud-based Encoding at NAB

LAS VEGAS – Akamai is expanding its video analytics product, which can allows publishers to understand the video viewing down to the individual, says Barrett Mononen in this video interview at the NAB conference last week.

In this video interview, he explains and demo’s Akamai’s ability to to quickly encode and render video into a number of formats for various devices.


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April 12 2013

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