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August 19 2010


Bloomberg to begin hiring in Washington DC for new policy news wire

Financial news wire Bloomberg will be creating jobs for more than 100 journalists and analysts in Washington DC with the release of its new policy news service Bloomberg Government, according to a report by the Reynolds Center for Business Journalism.

The resource, which is currently in development stages, advertises itself as “a customized resource for professionals who need to understand the business implications of government actions in real time”.

This comprehensive, subscription-based, online tool collects best-in-class data, provides high-end analysis and analytic tools, and delivers deep, reliable, quick and unbiased reporting from a team of more than 2,300 journalists and multimedia specialists worldwide. It also offers news aggregated from thousands of the top trusted news sources from around the globe.

Those interested in filling the new roles will need to be data-focused and able to combine reporting skills with policy information analysis, a spokeswoman told the Reynolds Center.Similar Posts:

July 23 2010


‘If you could see my desk, you’d weep’: Santa Fe reporter trawls data for wealth story

Here’s a great example of the value in data for journalists.

The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism ran a feature on Corey Pein, a journalist for Santa Fe Reporter, who spent two weeks working through raw data to compile a list of the wealthiest residents on his patch.

His resources included property records, nonprofit tax returns, donor lists, private aircraft registrations and court records.

If you could see my desk, you’d weep over the messes of paper I create for those feature-length stories.

His final story won him first place in the AltWeekly Awards for Innovation/Format Buster.

The publisher has used public database site, Socrata, to create five searchable online databases from the information Pein’s work uncovered.Similar Posts:

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