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May 29 2013


Customer Demand Drives Creation of Haivision Video Cloud

Customer demand for content creation and consumption led IP video networking and digital signage leader Haivision to create their own video content management system – a core component of the Haivision Video Cloud, which was launched in April, says Chance Mason, EVP of Internet media for Haivision.

After the acquisition of  encoding system KulaByte, the Montreal and Chicago-based company was able to distribute content outside their firewire, which is what some of their 20,000 customers – which include major companies and institutions like BP and Duke University – were requesting.

“The customers continued to demand – now that we’re creating content inside and delivering content outside the firewall, we needed a destination to store, create metadata, create rules and policies around content, and really complete the ecosystem from content creation to content consumption.”

Beet.TV spoke with Mason at the Streaming Media East conference in New York.


Magnet Media Makes Debut into Web Original Programming

Founded in 2000, NY-based production and marketing company Magnet Media, which has been involved in producing video creative and branded entertainment for companies like Google, Microsoft and Adobe, recently launched a next-generation content studio that will focus on creating web original series – Magnet Media Originals. Beet.TV spoke with Paul Kontonis, general manager for Magnet Media Originals, at the Streaming Media East conference.

Kontonis is also chairman International Academy of Web Television and was a longtime executive at Digitas where he was involved with web original programming.

Three of the six recently announced shows on the slate are entering their second seasons while the other three are new series. Two of the returning series, Designing Minds and Viewfinders, will be distributed by MSN; one of the new series, Making the Shot, will be distributed by AOL.



Streaming Media Author Discusses HEVC Implementation

The benefits of H.265 aka HEVC are obvious – 4K video provided at an equivalent quality to H.264 at half the data rate, says Jan Ozer, who works with the Streaming Learning Center and is an author for Streaming Media Magazine. Beet.TV spoke with Ozer at the Streaming Media East conference where he was a moderator for the event.

“That’s pretty much established,” he says. “The big question is, what’s it going to take to implement it? When is it going to be implemented?”

Three companies are discussing these issues, Ozer says: Akamai, who works with distribution; MainConcept, owned by Rovi, who is creating a software encoder for HEVC; and DivX, also owned by Rovi, who will allow end users to support HEVC and will license consumer electronics vendors so HEVC content can be played back on BlueRay players, smart TVs and the like.

Ozer’s latest book, Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery, discusses new technologies like DASH, HTML5 and HEVC and is available on Amazon.com.

May 28 2013


vidIQ Inks Deals with Brands for YouTube Optimization Tools

The recently hatched YouTube metrics service vidIQ has inked deals with brands such as Revision3, Mondo Media and SalesForce, says Rob Sandie, Co-Founder of vidIQ during an interview with Beet.TV at Streaming Media East. “We help brands maximize views on YouTube and we will help a brand with their Youtube SEO strategy,” he explains. vidIQ does that by working with brands to optimize their YouTube traffic and understand what’s working and not working on that site.

vidIQ offers both free and enterprise versions of its tools. Capabilities include SEO maximization, comment analysis, and mass text description editing. “We have everything from YouTube SEO which lets you mass manage a few thousands videos at once,” he says. The Comment Manager lets brands understand which commenters are worth responding to, which ones to ignore, and which to delete, for example. The company went live with its tools about three months ago.

May 23 2013


AOL + Brightcove Player, an Upside for Publishers

AOL is seeking to syndicate video content, not just across  Web sites and portals — but into proprietary video players, the first of which is Brightcove.  The alliance allows Brightcove customers,  such as the Weather Company, to pull videos from hundreds of AOL publisher partners, into their Brightcove players, explains Frank Besterio, VP and head of business development for AOL On.

This process  allows publishers to pull other content into their Brightcove player, giving  them both access to additional editorial and a share of advertising revenue around the views.

We interviewed Besterio at the Streaming Media East conference where he was a speaker.

The agreement between Brightcove and AOL has been in place for two years.




Netflix to Deploy Local “Cache Boxes” for Streaming HD Video to the “Last Mile”

Netflix, which dominates Internet traffic in the U.S. with as much as 30 percent of bandwidth at peak hours, is shifting from its distribution from content delivery networks (CDN’s) which stream from a central point, to a multitude of “cache” boxes which will be widely distributed to Internet provides who will store high quality video locally, says industry analyst Dan Rayburn, director of the Streaming Media conference.

Netflix VP for Content Delivery Ken Florance outlined the plan for the first time publicly at the conference earlier this week.  Rayburn reports about the plans which includes the local cache of HD and super HD 4K content.

The Netflix program is called Open Connect.  Here is a recent report on the new product.

In this video, Rayburn reports on other news and trends from the show including the emergence of H.265 and MPEG-DASH.


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