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March 01 2011



One year ago I produced a temporary blog about the launch of the first iPad.

I went to San Francisco for the launch and since then the tablets became the media topic of the year.

So, re-reading now the (Spanish) entries of my TABLETMANIA blog I realized that 110 % of what I said, I am sorry, was right!

Not bad for something new and received by many gurus as a DOA, “death on arrival”, product.

They were wrong.

I was right.

So, now that tomorrow Apple is going to present the new iPad2 I decided to update the entries of the blog of try to find editors for an instant book in Spanish and English

Any leads?

If yes, please contact me at: giner@btinternet.com

illustration by Luis Graena

February 24 2010




A fascinating session at the Goldman Sachs technology conference with Tim Cook.

“We say no to good ideas every day.

We say no to great ideas in order to keep the amount of things we focus on very small in number so that we can put enormous energy behind the ones we do choose.

The table each of you are sitting at today, you could probably put every product on it that Apple makes, yet Apple’s revenue last year was $40 billion.

I think any other company that could say that is an oil company.

That’s not just saying yes to the right products, it’s saying no to many products that are good ideas, but just not nearly as good as the other ones.

I think this is so ingrained in our company that this hubris you talk about that happens to companies that are successful and sole role in life is to get bigger, I can tell you the management team at Apple would never let that happen.

That’s not what we’re about. Small list of things to focus on.”


As I said in my Tablemania blog a few weeks ago, Tim Cook is the perfect candidate to become the next Steve Jobs.

(Illustation by Luis Grañena for Tabletmania/lainformacion.com)

January 08 2010

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