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July 29 2010


Crowdsource government work

One way to reset the relationship of government and the public — from constant complaint — is to make it collaborative — thus constructive.

In my pollyanna way, I imagine a day when citizens could take over some tasks of government to save money and do them better. How about this as a small pilot:

Politico reports today that Rupert Murdoch wants to charge the White House $600,000 a year for access to news clips. The White House now pays $100,000 a year to a clipping service and News Corp. want to charge them for access to WSJ news in an apparent bid to make the White House deal directly with its own Factiva.

Well, to hell with that.

I have no doubt that we, the people, could do a spectacular job of curating clips — links and excerpts — for the White House (and us all). Imagine Wikiclips. Start with news data bases like Daylife (full disclosure: I’m a partner there) or GoogleNews as well as key RSS feeds (original sources and curated collections like RealClearPolitics) and canned searches and then create a very simple tool atop that to enable volunteer citizen-curators to find and highlight the important stuff. The Washington Post or New York Times or Techmeme could create the platform for the benefit of all.

There’s no reason for this task to be done at taxpayer expense. There’s no reason for the results of this work to be private; we all should see it. How could conservative Murdoch argue with saving tax dollars?

March 26 2010


Join Global Pulse 2010! Talk with Youssou N'Dour, senior officials from the White House, ambassadors and others

Next week, the US Government will launch Global Pulse 2010, an unprecedented, online brainstorming event focused on global sustainability and development. This forum will give participants a chance to engage with thousands of people from around the world on 10 major challenges facing the global community.

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March 23 2010


Attend a Workshop to Help Develop the ISHub 2.0

The IS Hub is a collaborative concept that, if achieved, will create a cohesive network of web platforms to help improve the lives of people all over the world.  You are invited to collaborate at an upcoming workshop on April 8 in Utrecht to help shape the future of this technology. The goal of the workshop is to share the IS Hub externally to find people to help develop it further. Rooted in the 2.0 philosophy, the organizers hope that by sharing the idea they can join forces to create something extraordinary.

Here is an explanation of the IS Hub from the workshop coordinators:

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