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March 20 2010


March 11 2010


#Tip of the day from Journalism.co.uk – making multimedia packages

Multimedia: When it comes to building multimedia packages, the FT is a leader in its field. You can find them all grouped at this link. Tipster: Judith Townend. To submit a tip to Journalism.co.uk, use this link - we will pay a fiver for the best ones published.

February 21 2010


February 18 2010


February 03 2010


Media release: FT acquires Medley Global Advisors

Owner of the Financial Times, Pearson, has announced its acquisition of Medley Global Advisors LLC (MGA), a company that provides “macro policy intelligence” to investment banks, hedge funds and asset manager.

MGA, which had estimated gross assets of $7.3 million at the year end, will continue to operate from its headquarters in New York, with offices in Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, Beijing and Tokyo.

“The acquisition strengthens the FT’s position as a global leader in premium financial information,” said a release from the FT.

“The acquisition will enhance the FT’s portfolio of services geared towards major global financial institutions and asset managers, including FTfm, its global fund management supplement, and Money-Media, the market leader in online news and commentary for the fund management sector.

“This acquisition delivers another premium service to an important FT audience and reinforces our strategy of building strong subscriber and digital businesses in core sectors,” said John Ridding, chief executive of the FT.

Full announcement at this link…

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