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May 28 2010


Senior-Friendly Tools to get Grandma Wired

Over the years my family and I have worked together to help my Grandmother get wired. She now uses Google Search, reads her news online, sends and receives email, and even uses Facebook to check-in with family and friends. Using the internet isn't a new concept to my Grandmother, though it's not really something she finds very intuitive either. That said, she understands the power of these tools, and relishes the opportunity to learn more.

My Grandmother also has a whole network of friends who are at various stages of computer use/online adoption. Recently, she asked me if I could share any resources for her and her friends to be able to network, learn and socialize on the internet.

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May 20 2010


Round-up of Recent NPTech Research Findings

pie chartLoads of new research has been released in the last month that can help nonprofits be more strategic in their approach to their work. These studies have findings that have major meta level implications for senior leadership down to nitty gritty details for fundraisers. Here's a round-up:

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March 22 2010


Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Writing an effective social media policy

As social media becomes increasingly embraced by mainstream employers, how can you write a social media policy for your organization that both celebrates the positive side and addresses the negative side of social media?  The March Net2 Think Tank asked for examples of effective social media policies and this round-up has some great examples to get you started creating a social media policy in your organization!

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December 03 2009


Net2 Think Tank: Best of 2009

It's already December and we are fast approaching 2010.  As a way to hold on a bit longer to 2009, this Net2 Think Tank asks for your best blog post from the year.  We know you wrote about some really interesting things, shared great ideas and even captured conversations and presentations on your blog or website this year.  And we don't want it to get tucked away under what's to come in 2010, at least not yet!

Share your best blog post from 2009 one more time!

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