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December 12 2009


Elemental Technologies Focused on Encoding for Adaptive Streaming

SAN JOSE, CA -- Portland-based Elemental Technologies, a producer of video encoding hardware, sees a big opportunity in the industry's move to adaptive streaming, meaning the delivery of video to users with varying connection speeds in consistent, high quality.

The company says its processing units can process video "faster that real time" and do it with one seventh the number of CPU's of its competitors.

Recently in San Jose, we spoke with Andy Beach, VP of Marketing for the company.

Here is our interview CEO Sam Blackman.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

December 01 2009


Ooyala Sees Value in Realtime Analytics for Video Producers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Ooyala, the online video services company started by ex-Googlers, is developing realtime analytics for video producers to closely monitor the success of their content.

We spoke with company CTO Sean Knapp for this overview on the value and utility of analytics.  Sean came from Google where he was a key developer of iGoogle. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

November 23 2009


Adobe's Flash Player 10 on Nearly All the World's Computers -- Getting Ready for 10.1

SAN JOSE, CA - Adobe's latest version of Flash has been installed in some 98 percent of the world's computers, according to Kevin Towes who is product manager for Flash Media Server. 

We caught up with Kevin at an opening night party for the Streaming Media West hosted by Brightcove.

Kevin explains the functionality of Flash Player 10 and the new Flash Player 10.1 which launched in Beta earlier this month. 

In this wide ranging interview, he discusses peer-to-peer elements functionality iof the new player, digital rights management and the Flash Media Server.

He references the 98 percent penetration for Adobe 10 at 2:40 in the video. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  We covered the Brightcove party in San Jose as part our sponsorship association with Brightcove.   

November 20 2009


Streaming Media West Download: Broadband-Enabled Devices are Big

SAN JOSE, CA --  Streaming Media West, the annual industry gathering of broadband executives, drew a bigger crowd this year then last and the focus has changed from delivery and distribution to devices and content, says Dan Rayburn, head of the show.

We caught up with Dan on Wednesday afternoon for a rundown on the show and industry trends.  

We were on the scene yesterday and have extensive coverage of the show. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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