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August 01 2011


HowTo - Save time and post on Google+ and Facebook simultaneously

The Economic Times :: With the entry of Google+, there is a new social network to share your updates and pictures. However, going to each social network's website and updating status is a pain. A simpler way is to use the Circles feature on Google+.

Here is how it works:

I usually have Facebook open as well. Thanks to the HowTo by The Economic times, I entered www.facebook.com/mobile into the address field of my browser and waited for the startpage to appear. If you are logged into your account you will notice that Facebook tells you about your upload email address already on the first page as well. Mark and copy it. Then simply open a new tab and go to Google+. Click on Circles. You have to add a new Circle. Label it e.g. "Facebook Update". "Add a new person" and paste your upload email address you've copied from Facebook before in the field for email. You have to give the person a name (be creative). Now you are ready to post updates via Google+ simultaneously on Facebook as well.

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September 03 2010


Updates to TechSoup.org

The TechSoup team are hard at work continuing to add updates, new functionality, and usability to techsoup.org - here's a message from co-CEO Marnie Webb with more details:

At TechSoup Global we’ve been working hard on a new round of improvements to the TechSoup.org website.

I’m excited to update you on our progress and hear your feedback. A little over a year ago, we unveiled the first phase in a series of improvements to the site, including a new homepage design and enhanced search functionality. Those visible changes to the site also represented significant improvement to our back end systems — both hardware and software.

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January 13 2010




I just launched daily updates in my Spanish blog about the upcoming Apple tablet.

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