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July 27 2011


How to - 9 successful ways to get rid of your readers (maybe forever)

Brad Colbow is a web designer and illustrator. He collected 9 visual examples found on the web to illustrate pitfalls of web design, things you should avoid if you care of what your readers want and if you like to build compelling news sites. One thing I regularely stumble upon is the abundance of social media buttons on web pages. Nothing is more confusing than millions of buttons, which overpopulate a page. Second, I'm on your side, we need advertising space. But if your (hopefully) originally content takes up less than 20% I'm sure your readers will find it hard to figure out, why they should come back to your site.

Have a look at the other 7 "ways why newspapers die" Brad Colbow, bradcolbow.com

October 27 2010


AccessU West - web accessibility institute Jan. 10-12, 2011 in San Jose, California

The digital divide includes the tech design divide that keeps people who are using assistive technology or who have disabilities from being able to use web sites, software and other tech tools. But making your web site and other online services more accessible isn't just a nice thing to do: it makes a web site more accessible for potential customers, clients and donors, and demonstrates an organization's commitment to usability and accessibility to everyone. In addition, for a designer or programmer, knowing how to make a web site fully accessible makes you more competitive in the job market.

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April 15 2010


HTML5 demystified

This slideshow provides a really clear overview of what HTML5 includes, why it’s exciting, and when browser support can be expected.

The slideshow was produced by Derek Bender.

April 06 2010


What we can learn from a 2.5 year-old using an iPad

Let’s call her a member of the touch generation – a generation who will grow up in a world where the way to interact with technology is not the keyboard, but the touchscreen.

This video of Todd Lappin’s 2.5 year-old daughter using an iPad for the first time is remarkable in illustrating how we are conditioned by the interfaces of our technology.

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