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January 06 2012


Video Inspiration from Nikon's new flagship

Nikon announced their new flagship camera at midnight last night. The Nikon D4, available in February for a mere $6000. Here is an inspiring video by the super talented sports photographer Cory Rich. Photographer who learned video and learned it well. Welcome to the future.

Check out some of the images from the new camera from the talented and affable Joe McNally.

December 08 2011


From homelessness to hometown title fight

The Peterson brothers rise from homelessness to professional boxers thanks to their head trainer Barry Hunter (center). Photo by Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY

Tears, sweat, and love. But it was mostly love that propelled Lamont Peterson to the upcoming World Championship title fight this Saturday at the Convention Center in D.C. I met the Peterson brothers Monday night and took this portrait as well as made a quick video story. Watch to my story video here or read more about their story here.

April 29 2011


Royal Wedding: The big day

London was electric today. I cannot think of another way to say what it was like. One-million people were expected to descend on London today. However, one of my favorite parts of the whole week was the ceremony. I've been to a lot of weddings in my life and I absolutely loved their vows, readings, and words from the pulpit? I was reminded of the vows I made before God when I married my wife. Oh, and the songs from the choir were beautiful. BBC posted some of it, check out the transcript here. I admit that I teared up a little bit while I was photographing the thousands watching the wedding in Green Park which is right next door to Buckingham Palace. I focused my time on a little video story giving our readers a chance to experience the wedding through the eyes of some Americans and of course the Brits. I took one or two stills as well. What a day!

Audrey Joy, left, and Alyse Macqueh, both 16 and of France try to catch a glimpse of the royal couple in front of Buckingham Palace after the royal wedding ceremony. They came with face decorations with the initials of the royal couple as well as a miniature wedding cake. Some might call it a cupcake. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

April 28 2011


Royal Wedding: Camping it up in royal style

Campers from all over the world gather to celebrate the Royal wedding from outside the city in Clapham Common. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

Read the story here.

Royal Wedding: The Brits and their hats

Louis Mariette, a bespoke hat couture (read: fancy!) designer in his London studio with a hat inspired by the Lilac-Breasted Roller, the National bird of Botswana--where Mariette grew up. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

Check out the story and video here

Check out more of his work on his website

The semi-official Will and Kate tour of London

Take a walk around London with the Prince William and Kate walking tour and learn about the history and upcoming wedding. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

Jane Seymour's Royal Wedding British insight

British born actress Jane Seymour will offering her insights on the royal wedding for us Americans for Entertainment Tonight. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

Check out the story here

"I love the smell of diamonds in the morning" says Jane Seymour on the set for Entertainment Tonight outside of Westminster Abbey at the royal wedding. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

March 29 2011


Courtside at March Madness: Man behind the mascot

I've had a blast covering some of March Madness and spending a few days with Mike Nuzzo, the man behind the mask of Roc, the Pittsburgh Panther's team mascot. The photo below got some nice play on the cover of the Sports section when the Erik Brady's masterfully written story ran on March 22. Sorry for the delay!

Catheryn makes some adjustments to Roc's costume during game two of the NCAA playoffs at the Verizon Center March 19, 2011. Butler beat Pittsburgh in the last moments of the game after a series of controversial calls by the referees. Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY

I had so much fun telling this story and getting to know Mike, his mother who is the cheer coach, and some of the cheer team. Really a great group of people so dedicated to cheer, their team, and their school. Mike is a great guy, huge Pitt sports fan, dedicated, and a smart dude too. He's in the nursing program at Pitt. This guy is going places.

Did I mention that I was court-side for both games? As in kneeling on the floor. Ouch! That wood is hard on the knees for what it's worth. I need to do take a cue from my colleague at Jack Gruber at USA TODAY and bring a padded chair and earplugs. I'd be happy to share more about the how's of this story if anyone is interested. Check out my video story "Man behind the mascot" which I edited on last Monday.

The most maddening thing about this NCAA tourney has been the continuous Butler upsets and, well, of course my attempt to park anywhere near the Verizon center during the first round. I had to tip a guy $15 just to get in a garage three blocks away! But back to Butler. Who would have thought they would be in the final four?

Matt Howard, (54) after he scores the winning basket against Old Dominion with one-tenth of a second left on the clock in round one of the NCAA playoffs at the Verizon Center March 17, 2011. Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY

Old Dominion in round one against Butler. Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY

The team bands make the games so much more fun! A Uconn band member waiting for their team to play in round 2 of the NCAA playoffs. Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY

Any predictions for a national champion? Will Butler go all the way?

August 31 2010


Five years later: Music & Hurricane Katrina

I had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented people at my office on a large interactive project. It includes panoramas, post-storm photos overlayed with current photos, storm graphics, and videos. I contributed to the effort by telling some stories about the gulf coast and what is happening in New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina. Set the stage by checking out the introduction to the project here.

Here is a link to one of the stories I told. Check out street performers and musicians redefining modern Jazz like Trombone Shorty as they try to keep the New Orleans music scene thriving. Check out the video here.

A screen shot from my video about rhythm returning to New Orleans.

July 21 2010


Photojournalism: More than a photograph

A warm welcome for all of those who are coming to my site via Scott Kelby.

I was given a quite an opportunity to share my heart for visual storytelling and photojournalism when I was asked to be one of the weekly guest bloggers for Photoshop guru, trainer, and accomplished author Scott Kelby. I want to give a huge "thank you" to Brad Moore who works on Kelby's team for the generous invitation & honor to share anything my little heart desired about photography on such a well read blog.

For my friends, clients, and regulars, I hope you enjoy the blog post which gives a big-picture look at my thoughts on the power of relationship and the ability for photojournalism to impact lives.

June 18 2010


April 12 2010


A community of coal: Divided by a company

Wow, talk about a catch-22. I hope you understand their lives and their story better having watched this. I just finished this @ 3 a.m. and I'm finally pleased with how this story unfolds.

April 08 2010


West Virginia community hopes and prays

I've been in West Virginia for 24 hrs now and it's tough being here. There could still be miners alive but the chances are slim. It's tough being here. Off to a prayer vigil...

March 01 2010


February 27 2010


Olympics 2010: Trash to treasure

Cory was fun to hang out with. His art is original and elegant. I can't wait to see where his work takes him. Fuhr's speed skater is on display at the Richmond Oval (speed skating center) for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

February 21 2010


Olympics 2010: Street performers cashing in on the Olympics

Who knew that a funny guy in green undies on a 10-foot unicycle juggling machetes could garner such a crowd--and inspire me to tell the story of the buskers. I stumbled upon this story while taking the bus to the press center a few nights ago. These street performers were a hoot and so much fun to hang out with and interview. I shot the whole story in about 75 minutes near Robson square in downtown Vancouver. Here is a direct link to my video.

I can't get the embed code to work right now, so please follow the link above

Olympics 2010: My interview with silver medalist Hannah Teter

Here is a direct link to my video. Many thanks to the talented Rhyne Piggot, a fellow video journalist at USA TODAY, for editing this package together for me!

December 21 2009


A decde remembered

Screen-shot from the video of me sharing about the
stories I've worked on that have impacted me the most.

As part of USA TODAY's decade in review all of us staff photojournalists were given the opportunity to share some of our work and thoughts on the biggest news stories of the decade. I also got to share a little bit more about myself and my purpose in storytelling.

November 20 2009


a Sunday: Creation on a macro level

a Sunday from Garett Hubbard on Vimeo.

You never know what beauty you might find until you stop and listen.
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