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Data Visualization Tools, Slides and Links from NICAR11

The first day of CAR2011 was stuffed full of information, so much so that the only way to keep up with everything is to keep a log of what people have been sharing.

I’ll update this post throughout the conference and organize it better over the weekend. In the meantime, prepare to have your mind blown.

Got links from sessions you attended? Post them in comments and I’ll add them to this list.


Analysis-ready census data (from USA Today, available to NICAR members only)
A directory of statistics bureaus by country (from Statistics Sweden)
Numberway.com – lookup phone numbers around the world
Little Sis – visualizing the networks of social, financial and political power
Data Visualization for Beginners (from the CAR2011 conference blog)
Tracking the Economy and Business (from the CAR2011 conference blog)
Getting into a data-oriented mindset (from Mary Jo Webster and Wendell Cochran)


Almost Scraping: Web Scraping without Programming (from Michelle Minkoff and Matt Waite)

Data Visualization with JavaScript and HTML5 (from Jeff Larson)

PostGIS is Your New Bicycle – be wowed by a free alternative to costly desktop GIS (from Mike Corey and Ben Welsh)

Software & Tools

API Playground – try APIs, no coding skills necessary
ChangeTracker from ProPublica – track changes to any website
Google Fusion Tables
R statistical analysis software
Simile Timeline

Work Samples

The Killing Roads – interactive map of highway accidents in Norway

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