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What schools offer innovative academic programs that mix journalism and technology?

I'm working to compile a list of academic programs that are experimenting in the news-technology space. The list will be used for outreach around the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership. We'd like to engage as many of the people as possible that have already self-identified as wanting to work at the intersection of journalism, storytelling, and computing -- and academic programs are one of six areas that we want to reach out to, i.e.: undergrads, graduate students, or alums of innovative programs.

Some of the more obvious examples of what I'm looking for are programs like Studio 20 at NYU, Medill's scholarships for programmers, and the new Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia University. I know there are more -- hopefully many, many more -- institutions doing this kind of experimentation in an academic setting. Can you help me find them (and not just the ones in North America)?

There's a good list of journalism programs over on Wikipedia. Perhaps you know that one of them is doing some really innovative work? If so, please list it below with a one-sentence explanation of what they're doing, and a URL, and I'll move it up into the larger list.

I'm also looking for unusual suspects like the ITP at NYU, or any other programs that are producing potentially journalism-impacting innovations.

Again, suggestions for programs outside of the United States are highly encouraged.

This is a community wiki question.

Here's the current state of the list (with thanks to Justin Arenstein, Brian Loffler, and Ross Settles for non-North American pointers):


Asian continent/Australasia


North America (Canada, US, Mexico)

Canada Mexico
  • ???
United States

Latin America

  • ???
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