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Super-injunction case - Paul Wakely, BBC: why we removed your comments

BBC :: Paul Wakely is Editor, Moderation Services for BBC Online, which means he oversees moderation of readers' comments across the BBC website. BBC's "moderation" of the comments about the 'footballer (super-) injunction' recently has received much coverage during the last few days. Here's his response.

[Paul Wakely:] As it stands as I write this, on the BBC website, you can say that the footballer who had an injunction in place regarding an alleged affair with Imogen Thomas, was named in Parliament as being Ryan Giggs. But the word 'alleged' is important.
... [he continues] Following the naming of the footballer in Parliament I will, as much as I can, explain where we are drawing the line with moderation, and explain why some of you have had your comments removed for saying things everyone is saying on Twitter.

Fact is that in addition as the injunction has still not been lifted the BBC is still technically bound by its provisions.

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