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PBS hacked - Judy Woodruff: what are the costs of an attempt to silence the press?

PBS :: Senior correspondent Judy Woodruff writes about this week's hacking attacks on PBS websites and overcoming efforts to silence a free press. "If we were a newspaper and someone threw a small bomb through the window, crippling our printing press and shutting down operations until we could get a replacement, we'd call the police. But what's the equivalent ... when a cyber attack happens?"

[Judy Woodruff:] At Frontline and at the NewsHour, everyone is focused on getting on with their jobs covering the news, the most important developments in the nation and in the world. But we do so feeling violated by a stranger. I guess that makes us wiser, determined to work harder to protect the work we do. And I hope it doesn't make us, or any other news organization, more cautious.

I added a comment to Judy Woodruff's article (moderated; I guess it will take some time for them to approve it). Well "comment" might be wrong, better: I asked two questions. First: I wanted to know more about the experience they made with the "emergency plan", to switch to tumblr. Second: what are their learnings? Can such (damaging) activities be avoided by offering instruments to disagree with their news coverage?

Her answer Judy Woodruff, www.pbs.org

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