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A bone of contention? - Why Bill Keller stepped down as New York Times executive editor

New York Magazine :: Keller's columns infuriated some members of the newsroom, especially the Times' media desk, who felt that the executive editor should be a kind of impartial honest broker. Times media editor Bruce Headlam and media columnist David Carr had an intervention with Keller to explain how his columns were hurting their ability to cover the industry.

[Bill Keller:] Even though I knew I would cause a certain amount of consternation in the building, I decided that was okay because it was worth having a conversation about this.

Then, last month, Keller wrote a column critical of Twitter, calling it the enemy of contemplation." Inside the Times, the column set off more alarms. Social-media staffers complained that Keller was signaling that he didn't like Twitter even as the paper was trying to encourage reporters to embrace the new tool.

Bill Keller stepped down as Times executive editor, but why?

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