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ABC News Teams with Vook for Multimedia Products for iPad, Android, Nook

ABC News is producing a multimedia offering of text and video reporting in the form of a video book, or "vook" for the Apple iOS devices, Android and Nook Color. 

ABC is working with the Emeryville, California based company Vook to create the publications around major news events including the capture of Osama Bin Laden and England's Royal Wedding.

Last week, we spoke with Vook's head of product Matthew Kavnar about the collaboration with ABC News and Vook's production platform which he says is simple to use, he likens it to a simple blog tool.

Based in Emeryville, the company is moving its headquarters  to Nw York this summer, Kavnar says. 

The company has raise $7.5 million in investment from Lehrer Ventures, Ron Conway and others.  Vook was founded by Brad Inman.

Andy Plesser

Tags: eReaders Media

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