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Flickr, Google, a few social media seconds later - Osama bin Laden hunter ‘CIA John’ identified

Observer :: Anyone who’s ever logged in to a social network while in a jubilant, possibly intoxicated, frame of mind knows the dangers. Sometimes you share something you should maybe keep to yourself, or you forget to check your privacy settings, or you show off a little too much skin. That’s more or less what the U.S. government appears to have done in the heady moments after dumping whatever was left of Osama bin Laden into the churning waters of the North Arabian Sea.

[Aaron Gell, Observer:] Once the photo was out there, of course, it was only a matter of time. But how little time was surprising.

With the help of social media investigative journalism can be easy. Was it made easy?

Aaron Gell, www.observer.com

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