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Will “Digital First” bring home the bacon? - John Paton's big bet

Alden Global Capital acquired Journals Register Company recently. But what exactly is Journal Register? The following little piece will help.

Columbia Journalism Review :: "We’re no good at this,” John Paton says, sitting in a midtown Manhattan conference room on a gray, rainy spring day. “We” is the news business, and “this” is designing a viable future for it. “We have to figure it out.” He leans forward in his chair and adjusts his blue Hermès tie. “If this business model’s not fixed, the amount of American daily newspapers that won’t be here in five years will stagger you. They won’t make it.

The reporters and editors at Journal Register Company—a chain of eighteen daily newspapers and 176 non-daily newspapers, magazines, and websites in small markets throughout the Midwest and Northeast—should know. - here's why.

Continue to read Lauren Kirchner, www.cjr.org

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