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Live Video Coming to eCommerce Sites Soon

While nearly half of major ecommerce sites have some sort of video on their pages, very few have live video streaming, but that will change says Stuart Schultz who just launched a skincare ecommerce site with both live and on demand clips.

We spoke with him about the launch of BeautyRX Skincare which uses video for both advice and product demonstration.  The site running live, scheduled segment.

Before launching the site, Schultz produced a regular video skincare show on Blip.tv called WatchDermTVdoC.

For video on the site, he is using Wistia, a small online video platform which provides an unbranded player and comprehensive analytics, Schultz notes in the interview. 

The site was designed by Jane Creative, New York.

Last month we reported on how video increases engagement and sales on ecommerce sites.

Andy Plesser




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