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When President Barack Obama's press office uses Flickr too often

Politico :: One of the most memorable visual images this year shows President Barack Obama and his national security team in the Situation Room, transfixed by a live video of the mission of Osama bin Laden's takedown unfolding. Like other iconic pictures of this administration, the Situation Room shot was taken by a staff photographer for the White House’s Flickr page. But the administration’s use of Flickr has sparked tension between the White House and news photographers who say the press office uses its Flickr page too often to control images and circumvent news coverage.

[Julie Mason:] For some news organizations, publishing a photo taken by the White House is comparable to pasting an administration press release into a newspaper and calling it news — a concept anathema to an independent press.

A discussion - continue to read Julie Mason, www.politico.com

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