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Utøya - A Norwegian tragedy that unfolded on social media

AllThingsD :: What’s being described as the most violent day in Norway since the Second World War unfolded on July 22 for so many via social media. After the first news went out, people turned to social media, main news outlets and Norwegian broadcasters to get an idea of the whole tragedy.

[Arik Hesseldahl:] People scattered. Some headed for the water to try and escape by swimming to the mainland. Others tried to hide and some used their phones to send Twitter and text messages calling for help. “There’s some shooting at Utøya. Call the police!” ("Noen skyter på Utøya. Oppdater politiet!!") Tweeted Kjetil Vevle, who was there.

Following the news - continue to read Arik Hesseldahl, allthingsd.com

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