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Google+, Facebook, Twitter - Tamagotchi trend in social networks: "feed me or I die"

ZDNet :: Tom Foremski's initial enthusiasm for creating G+ circles was as short lived as his recent idea to organize socks, underwear, and T-shirt drawers. "I now pop people into just one G+ circle. And all I’m doing is recreating my Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter networks on Google+" - Why do we need "just another" social network?

Tom Foremski writes, that he's doing it for the same reason as others, "that you have to be in it to understand it, otherwise you might miss the emmergence of something important," and adds to say that Google+ could be the start of something new although it’s too early to tell.

[Tom Foremski:] I never possessed a Tamagotchi, the tiny little electronic toys representing a virtual pet that required regular care and feeding through pressing the right buttons throughout the day, or they would “die.” But my daily chore of keeping my digital presence alive across all my social networks feels like each one of them acts like a modern day, adult-themed Tamagotchi.

Recommended reading, a nice piece: Tom Foremski's "Google+ and the Tamagotchi trend in social networks"

Continue to read his full article here Tom Foremski, www.zdnet.com

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