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The Me Media - is traditional media working hard to bend new media to their will?

What makes the new media interesting?

Huffington Post :: For some, it's the many new voices who can now find an audience. Whether it's a blog, podcast or Twitter feed, the new media is less about the consumption of content and aimed much closer to the reality that anyone who has something to say can now publish their thoughts -- in text, images, audio and video -- instantly for the world to see (and it costs next-to-nothing). Along with that comes an equalized back and forth with the audience.

It's that pure concept that drives the thinking and revision of definitions of media and journalism by people like Clay Shirky, Jay Rosen, Jeff Jarvis and others.

But the real question about new media is this: Is new media really something new and different or is traditional media working hard to bend it to their will?

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