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3rd issue Longshot Magazine: 48 hours for a 60-page book - now with what tools?

The Atlantic :: At 3 pm on Friday, the Longshot Magazine team will begin work on their third issue. 48 hours later, they'll close the 60-page book. Longshot is a crazy project that Alexis Madrigal cofounded with Sarah Rich and Mat Honan about a year and a half ago.

[Alexis Madrigal:] We wanted to marry the networked speed of the Internet with the coherent beauty of print. Amazingly, we realized that almost all of the tools we needed were already available and free; we could create a real, glossy magazine in two days out of nothing but will, goodwill and good luck. So we did.

Experimentation is a major part of the Longshot spirit. "We like trying new things," writes Madrigal. This time they like to share their experience. Here are the tools the team will be using this weekend.

Continue to read Alexis Madrigal, www.theatlantic.com

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