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Me and the hunger and the difficulty to report about it

Reuters :: Barry Malone: "In Ethiopia a few years ago I was telling a funny story to some other journalists as our car pulled up near a church where we had been told people were arriving looking for food. We got out and began walking towards the place, me still telling the tale, shouting my mouth off, struggling to get to the punch line through my laughter and everybody else’s.

Then there was this sound, a low rumbling thing that came to meet us. I could feel it roll across the ground and up through my boots. I stopped talking, my laughter died, I grabbed the arm of the person beside me: What is that? And I realized. It was the sound of children crying. There were enough children crying that — I’ll say it again — I could feel it in my boots. I was shamed by my laughter. ..."

[Barry Malone:] An Ethiopian girl told me last week that she cried as she watched foreign journalists interviewing a Somali woman in a Kenyan refugee camp. All she had left was her dignity, she said. And then (the journalists) took that, too.

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Barry Malone is an Irish journalist who has worked in the Horn and East Africa since 2006, first living in Ethiopia and now in Uganda. He reports on politics, life and economics across the region for Reuters and takes the occasional picture.

How to report about hungry people? - Continue to read Barry Malone, blogs.reuters.com

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