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Hollywood Execs: Quality is Key for Web Originals and Brands Need to Be Discreet

LOS ANGELES - There is an emerging upside for Web original video content, but it has to be good and the role of sponsoring brands needs to be discreet, says these Web studio executives from AOL, Blip.tv, Disney, Indelible and The Collective in this 45-minute session.

Participants include Ross Glick, Co-Founder, Indelible; Gabe Lewis, Head of Original Video, AOL; Dan Weinstein, Manager, The Collective; Chris M. Williams, General Manager, T180 Studios; The Walt Disney Company and Steve Woolf, VP for Content, Blip.tv.

Moderating the session is Paul Kontonis, Chairman of the International Academy of Web Television and VP, Group Director for Brand Content at The Third Act, Digitas.

This is the second part of two-part session about orginal Web video recorded at the AOL Studio in Beverly Hills.  This event was produced as part of a sponsorship of Beet.TV by AOL Video.

You can find the first panel featuring content creators here.

Andy Plesser

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