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Poynter faculty responds to questions about Jim Romenesko’s practices and resignation

Looks like a very open response of Poynter's faculty but honestly ... I think it still misses the point. I was never confused about the origin of the content Jim Romenesko published. I always found the original link and the sources attributed sufficiently. What was original about his work? - I know that he made it easier to find interesting stuff on the web. And that was the value HE added. - But now it's time for Poynter to take the floor ...

Poynter :: Roy Peter Clark, Vice President and Senior Scholar: "Jim’s departure under the false shadow of plagiarism is unfair to Romenesko and unworthy of Poynter. I expressed that opinion, with some anger, at a Poynter staff meeting this morning. Some folks seemed to agree while others, including President Karen Dunlap and Dean Stephen Buckley, backed Julie’s (Moos) editorial decisions all the way. That should be an object lesson for those who dismiss the work of Poynter as too pointy-headed and monolithic. On many subjects that we help journalists tackle, especially when it comes to ethics and standards, there is no official ex cathedra point of view."

Selected statements:

[Karen Dunlap, President:] Did we make the right choices? Not all of them. Could we have improved the message or tone? Yes.
[Roy Peter Clark:] Jim Romenesko is not, repeat only louder, NOT a plagiarist.
[Kelly McBride:] There is a lot of work to do in establishing standards of intellectual honesty in this digital era. I look forward to being part of that process, but I don’t think those standards are crystal clear.

Full list of contributors to this response: Karen Dunlap, President; Roy Peter Clark, Vice President and Senior Scholar; Kelly McBride, Senior Faculty for Ethics; Al Tompkins, Senior Faculty for Broadcast; Butch Ward, Managing Director; Rick Edmonds, Media Business Analyst; Jill Geisler, Senior Faculty, Leadership and Management; Bill Mitchell, Leader of Entrepreneurial and International Programs

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