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Going undercover in Syria: a report from inside by Ramita Navai

Probably one of the most dangerous places for journalists in the world right now: Syria. - A first hand experience report by Ramita Navai, Syria.

PBS Frontline :: In September, reporter Ramita Navai spent two weeks in some of the most dangerous parts of Syria on a clandestine journey into the heart of the uprising - undercover. In this reflection, she tells the story of how she and her producer broke Syria’s virtual ban on independent journalists and embedded with some of Syria’s most wanted activists.

[Ramita Navai:] ... The activists took every precaution to stay safe. Most of them had horrific footage of the badly tortured bodies of friends and colleagues as a permanent reminder on their cell phones. ... (the activists) preferred method of communication was Skype and Facebook — always accessing these sites using proxy servers to avoid being monitored — and within hours they could mobilize thousands.

Continue to read Ramita Navai, www.pbs.org

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