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NHL.com Sees Huge Traffic Rise Online, Mobile and Tablets

The National Hockey League has seen a 17% rise in NHL.com traffic and a 93% bump in mobile page views for the season to date over last year, the sports league said today.

Viewership for all platforms is dramaticaly up, said Chris Golier, VP Mobile Marketing and Strategy for the NHL, in this interview with Beet.TV

"This year we made an aggressive push for a four-screen effort. Register once and access across screens," he said. "Numbers are up acorss all platforms." Golier added that the NHL works with Neulion for online video streaming and also now has mobile, tablet and connected TV plays.
About 55% to 60% of page views during game times are on tablets and mobile devices, underscoring that those devices are becoming companions to the big screen, he said. NHL also said that video starts have jumped 45% for the first two months of the season, compared to last year.
Daisy Whitney
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