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How reporters should do their job by the "Great Teacher of Journalists" Kim Jong Il

Guardian :: I have been defamed! Blogger Fleet Street Blues has compared me (Roy Greenslade) to North Korea's departed leader, Kim Jong-il. "One less-explored aspect of Kim's legacy," he writes, "is his role as a journalism academic... Kim Jong-il was pretty much the Roy Greenslade of Pyongyang."

[Roy Greenslade:] A North Korean reporter reasoned that he could write about a pepper bush plantation from the comfort of his office. But Kim insisted on going with him to the plantation, which involved driving to a ravine and crossing a flooded river, simply to count the bushes. He then told the reporter: "Comrade journalist, you must see things on the spot before you write your articles. Otherwise you may talk big."

Continue to read Roy Greenslade, www.guardian.co.uk

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