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The loss of local - if anyone reads about anything in the world 10,000 times

All stories start local by one means or another. Without local journalism and original reporting we lose essential value as individuals and as a society. In today's news landscape we can read about a story 10,000 times without reading anything new. It seems that a majority of journalists is paralyzed from shock. The sword of Damocles, alias "traffic figures", is hanging over their head. If you can't reach your target ... . I'm missing original reporting sometimes so much, that it really hurts.

Seth Godin Blog :: When journalism was local, the math of reporting was pretty simple: you found a trend, an event or an issue that was important and you wrote about it. After all, you were the voice to your readers. Now there is pretty much no such thing as local when it comes to news. Anyone in the world can read about anything in the world. As a result, this habit of being in sync completely undermines what we need from professional journalists.

[Seth Godin:] The hard part of professional journalism going forward is writing about what hasn't been written about, directing attention where it hasn't been, and saying something new.

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