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thedetail.tv, investigative journalism in Northern Ireland finding its feet @Ruth_TheDetail

The Detail | About :: The technological revolution of the past 10 years and recession have produced a widely-identified lack of funding for local investigative journalism – in Britain, Ireland and America where local newspapers, TV and other forms of media have faced challenges to their business models. Investigative journalists have come to lack a fundamental resource: time to follow the story. 

There are also some specific circumstances here in Northern Ireland. The new political dispensation realised in the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 brought with it a new dynamic. Some felt that “the story” in Northern Ireland was over; the world had moved on and so, perhaps, should local journalists.

[The Detail:] ... investigative journalism has yet to find its feet in this new order.

One view which emerged was that enquiring journalism would damage the political institutions formed in the peace process years; that public-spirited probing would even unravel the peace itself. Since 1998, politicians governing Northern Ireland have stated their desire to create a stable society. To their credit, they’ve largely succeeded.



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