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Filming Syrian security forces firing: citizen journalist Basil Al-Sayed is dead

NPR :: Basil al-Sayed, a Syrian citizen journalist, lost his life documenting the uprising in Homs. According to activist Rami Jarrah, yesterday, al-Sayed succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in the restive city of Homs. He was 24. 

"We have thousands of citizen journalists," Jarrah told NPR's Deb Amos. "But Basil was one of those who stood out." Activist Rami Jarrah said Basil al-Sayed filmed security forces opening fire directly at protesters, and that put him at serious risk. - Foreign journalists have been mostly banned from entering Syria. In many cases, the videos uploaded to YouTube by citizen journalists have been the only way for the outside world to see the clashes in Syria.

The YouTube video below reportedly shows Basil's mother and relatives weeping over the body of their son before he was laid to rest.

Continue to read and Basil's last video can be found here Ahmed Al Omran, www.npr.org

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