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HTML5 will replace native apps - but it will take longer than you think

Business Insider :: As we enter a post-PC era dominated by many devices synced through the cloud, one crucial question is this: How will we consume software? Will it be mostly through the web, or will it be through apps native to our devices? 

[Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry:] We believe that HTML5 will replace apps, but we also think this process will take longer than HTML5 advocates think.

Which will win? Native apps or HTML5? - For this report, we interviewed Stéphane de Luca, CTO of LeKiosque.fr, the top-grossing app on the iTunes App Store in France, Romain Goyet, co-founder & CTO of Applidium, an app development company;  Thomas Sarlandie, co-founder & VP Software of Backelite, a mobile software company; and Steven Pinches, Head of Emerging Technologies at the Financial Times.

via Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, www.businessinsider.com

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