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False Paterno death - Craig Silverman: Dangers of journalists chasing glory

Paterno’s family announced his death on Sunday morning.

Poynter :: As many people are now aware, on Saturday evening, a student news organization at Penn State reported that former football coach Joe Paterno had died. The information was picked up by CBS Sports and other major news outlets, and it spread quickly on Twitter. But it was wrong. Poynter’s Jeff Sonderman has an excellent round up of the erroneous tweets, how they spread, and how they were debunked. 

Now, as always, we’re left with the aftermath. Two points stand out to me, and they both relate to the dangers of journalists chasing glory.

Continue to read Craig Silverman, www.poynter.org

Washington Post :: Listen to previously unpublished excerpts from Joe Paterno's final interview with The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins.

Joe Paterno interview excerpts - Published by washingtonpost.com

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