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Keeping you up to date on Storyboard

You might notice editors switching seats in the days ahead. In the interest of keeping readers in the loop, we want to let you know that Storyboard editor Andrea Pitzer is working on a narrative nonfiction project about Vladimir Nabokov and will be taking a few months to concentrate solely on her book.

In the meantime, Paige Williams will be acting editor of Storyboard beginning April 1. A National Magazine Award winner, Williams also teaches narrative nonfiction writing to the fellows and affiliates of the Nieman Foundation. She has been a Storyboard contributor since 2010 and served on the Editors’ Roundtable in 2011.

We’ll continue to look at nonfiction storytelling in every medium and explore the future of narrative journalism. And you can still reach us at contact_us@niemanstoryboard.org with information on narrative projects or events you’d like to see covered on Storyboard.

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